Lounge Chair

At the end of the second year I made a chair. Together with one of my classmates. We made the same chair twice. The assignment of school was to make two chairs of massive wood. With  mortise and tenon joints.  We decided to make a comfortbale chair. Low and relaxed. The base of our chair is simple, straight lines. While the armrest is a bit more experimental. For the material we chose to use ash wood. Because of its flexibility it is perfectly suited to make chairs. It is grown and harvested in europe and the grain is simply beautifull. While making the chair we had to apply some new techniques. We had to mould all kinds of different forms into the wood. Therefore we had to make a lot of differnet templates. We also made an upholstered seating.  To make the  armrests we used a CNC router, which was  new to us.  Both, traditional craftsmanship and  modern methods of making came together in this project. Alltough I prefer holding a plane or a chisel in my hands these modern techniques are super handy. When used right, and in the right amount, you can create forms which would  be impossible or otherwise would take you a lot of time to make. 

The two chairs came out very nice. All the experience  of the first two years in combination with dedication and hard work led to a result which we can  truly be proud of.