In the Second year I made a sideboard. The assignment was to make a cabinet with a corpus made of plywood, or fineer. It had to have a tradionnally made drawer with doevtail joints and a door or valve made of massive wood. We were free to decide how small or big and what kind of form the cabinet was going to have. I took my Inspiration out of the 50s and made a sideboard. I used 18mm beech plywood for the corpus. The Top is made out of  mahagonie, as is the door and the chassis. The drawer front is mahagonie as well and the sides and back of the drawer are made of oak.  The grain  of the mahagonie came out very nice. Especially the top board. The knobs on drawer and valve are original from the 50s. I found them on the flea market and thought they would match the cabinet’s style, which they do.